Andre Rieu Q and A – no. 4

Could you ever imagine playing a different instrument, not the violin? My father was a conductor and gave me my first violin at age five. Right away, I felt that this instrument was like a voice. You can feel its vibration as you play. A piano is a fantastic instrument, but there’s no direct contact […]

Andre Rieu Q and A – no. 3

What role does composing play in your life? Mozart composed with his left hand and simultaneously played billiards, drank and made love with the right. That’s not how it works for me. It’s not easy to find time for it because I’m often on stage and we constantly travel. I compose together with my first […]

Andre Rieu Q and A – no. 2

What is special about the song “Love In Venice”? I usually play a Stradivarius, but I was looking for a violin with a different sound for “Love In Venice”. It should be softer, more loving. I tried a lot of violins and found a beautiful, very gentle one that suited the piece perfectly. .

Andre Rieu Q and A – no. 1

Hi Australia, I would like to share with you a very special Q&A about my new album Love In Venice! I will be posting these regularly over the next few weeks. Stay tuned! Mr Rieu, What would you do if you had one night in Venice? What would I do… I think everything that’s romantic. Ride a gondola, […]

Andre Rieu Gala – Live in Amsterdam

Directly from the capital of his home country, from Amsterdam in The Netherlands, comes a recreation of the legendary palace of Schönbrunn for a concert of Viennese favourites, waltzes, polkas, and music with a distinctly Dutch flavor. This DVD was only released as a standalone item in The Netherlands, and is now being released in […]

Magic of the Musicals – Now on DVD

Hello Friends – I’m thrilled at the success of my Magic of the Musicals album and am so excited to now announce the release of the DVD, capturing many of these heart-stopping moments from musicals on the screen. I hope you enjoy the DVD and Blu-Ray! Pre-order it now on GetMusic - DVD /Blu-ray.